WE VOTE YES FOR …The Campaign

Hot Moms Club was invited to The Premiere of The Campaign at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd, starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. FINALLY a movie that is even funnier than it’s trailer, yup the best parts are actually in the movie… It’s raunchy, it’s crude, but most importantly it is laugh out loud funny. It goes there- so be warned…but this is a fun date night pick, so schedule your sitter, it will leave you believing in good comedy writing and brilliant casting again.  The movie was hilarious and everyone who saw it knew it, hugs and high fives and congratulations were rampant at the after party.


The White House Ice Sculpture

The after party, was brilliantly decorated- campaign style, as if you were walking into an election victory dinner, a circular bar surrounded a giant dramatic ice sculpture of the white house in the center of the room.



Jessica Denay and Ben Falcone from ‘Bridesmaids’ !

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