Watch This Couple Make Their Pregnancy Announcement While Playing Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Whisper Game’

If you’ve ever watched The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon you’ve no doubt seen him play the Whisper Game, where one player wears noise cancelling headphones while trying to figure out what the other player is saying by reading their lips. It’s a pretty fun game that can give you lots of laughs , but one expectant couple decided to use Jimmy’s Whisper Game during family game night as a way to reveal that they were having a baby to the expectant grandparents.

Alexa Goolsby posted the video to her YouTube channel showing her and her husband playing the game with her parents. She captioned it ‘Baby announcement to my parents during family game night! Shout out to Jimmy Fallon for the game idea!’ Alexa’s dad is pretty determined to guess the phrase ‘you are going to be a grandfather’ and it’s pretty awesome how in to the game he is. After thinking it’s ‘You are going to the beach’ when he finally does figure the big reveal out, his excitement is contagious! Shout out to Alexa’s mom who got the clue right off the bat and managed to not freak out too much until her husband found out for himself. Watch the funny pregnancy reveal video below.



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