Watch These People Give Surprise Gifts To Complete Strangers

Shoppers and commuters alike received a wonderful Christmas surprise when they were given random presents and asked to then give them away to random strangers.

A kiosk set up by NBCUniversal International Networks’ Christmas 24 held The Christmas Gift Experiment where a kiosk was lit up with the sign ‘free presents’. Those who were brave or curious enough to approach the kiosk then received a phone call from none other than Santa himself, asking the person on the phone if they’d like a present. Well, who wouldn’t?! The only catch was, the present wasn’t going to be for them, but for another random stranger in the mall.

Santa would instruct the people on the phone who the present should be given to and then wait to see if the strangers would indeed give the present away or not. One of the commuters explained 

“When I realised the gift was meant for someone else, I was surprised. But seeing the gentleman’s reaction when he opened the scarf was wonderful. Being able to bring a little happiness to someone I had never met before was a lovely feeling and what Christmas should be all about.”

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