Watch As This Welcomes Their Miracle Baby After 10 Years Of Trying Thanks To An Amazing Surrogate

Mary Susan and Brandon Williams have wanted a child for so long. After a decade long struggle with fertility in which the couple experienced several miscarriages, and a stillbirth of their daughter Danielle Grace, the couple met couple Autumn and Donovan Anderson, who volunteered to carry a child for the couple.

Autumn reveals that she had some trepidation during the pregnancy, wondering if she had thought the surrogacy through, but insists her faith and the help of her friends and family assured her she was doing the right thing.

After 10 long years of trying to have a baby of their own, Mary Susan and Brandon finally met their son. The couple were in the delivery room with Autumn and Donovan, anxiously awaiting the birth of their son. Recalling how she felt at that moment Mary Susan said ‘after 10 years God has answered our prayer, and the way that he did it – every emotion in the  book.’

Mary Susan cut the cord and sat right next to Autumn, who passed the baby to his mother so she could cradle him skin to skin. Autumn reveals that was the moment she knew she was so happy she had given this gift to this couple. ‘Right after when she sat on the bed and she just started to sob I thought ‘ok, every day was worth it. Pregnancy’s not easy but just to see that relief in her that ‘I finally have a child’. You know when she said ‘It’s been 10 years what a redemption’, I thought, ‘OK, thank you for that.’

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