WARNING: Scary Recall Issued Over Popular Snack for Babies and Kids

Let me tell you something: I am a HARD CORE Trader Joe’s fan. Whenever I shop at the store, it’s a family affair. My husband and two children insist on going with me so they can pick up their favorite items in the store.

And the best part of Trader Joe’s? No matter how much shopping we do there, we never break the bank. I won’t even step foot in the other grocery stores in my area simply because no one can beat Trader Joe’s awesome prices.

And as much as I love Trader Joe’s, the company isn’t perfect, nor have they ever pretended to be, for that matter. They’ve just posted a new recall alert on a popular product and for a very scary reason, too.

trader joes
Credit: Shutterstock/ Ken Wolter

Here’s what you need to know about Trader Joe’s latest recall

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