Wait, What?!?! Fox News Teaches Kids How To Defend Themselves With Active Shooters?



You know, this looks like a joke but sadly, it isn’t. This has become our reality in 2015, my friends.

According to a new report, the Fox News Channel (you’ve heard of them and you know them, but I’m not going to ask you if you love or hate them) aired a segment in which they taught children how to engage active shooters, should they find someone with a gun on campus.

Seriously, people.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (again, no name calling), interviewed Krav Maga experts with three school-aged boys as party of the segment. The boys were asked about how the martial arts training helped them feel safer despite the threat of school violence and what they would do if an attack happened on their school grounds.


“Once you engage the gunman, you have to take him out,” said Krav Maga master instructor Soke Tony Morrison who runs a studio on Long Island. “You’re not going to try and get away until you’ve done some damage to him, because if you don’t, he’ll just pursue you.”

Say what you will but as a parent, I don’t feel comfortable knowing that my children have to feel like they need to defend themselves while at school! Is there no place that is safe anymore? But then again considering the current world we live in right now, should we be teaching our children how to fight back? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source via The New York Daily News

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