Volkswagen Touareg Road Trip… Ahhhhhh

Tori Spelling Leaving Bed Bath & Beyond with an ActIFry and other thingsVolkswagen Touareg.  There are so many choices out there for vehicles and I have heard a lot of amazing BUZZ  about Volkswagen and the New Volkswagen TDI Touareg Clean Diesel Touareg this past year that  I am so lucky to have the opportunity to drive one and PLAY!!   And let me say ….. I am IN LOVE!!! Not sure why I have never driven one before…

It all started on a Cold Monday afternoon and it was Love at first site when the driver dropped off the shiny white beautiful car.  Yes, I said BEAUTIFUL CAR!! LOL, I really have never been a car person, I def. have an opinion of what I want or need to drive but never have I said I LOVE a car.  The first day I had to run the kids to the DR. and on the way home we took a detour just so we could play a little!!

Later that day we got the car all packed up and got ready for our trip to Arizona!  The Touareg does not have as much trunk space as the car I drive right now but I am ok with that it is minimal and honestly nothing to even think twice about. Plus the seats make up for the lack of comfort my current car has. My two year old when he got in the car actually said AHHHH… like car mommy!!!

I am going to keep you up on my trip, the adventures we are taking and give you all the info you need if you are even thinking twice about a Volkswagen!!

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