14-Year-Old Model Collapses and Dies After Working 13-Hour Fashion Show

Being a child is hard and it’s not until we’re older that many of us can see just how much stress we felt for things that ultimately didn’t matter much. Being a pre-teen and teenager makes all those worries seem bigger than life and many parents want to help their kids feel like children as long as they can before throwing them into the adult world of real responsibilities. Like working, taking care of your health, and living on your own.

Then there are some children who are exceptional and seem to grow up faster than their young peers. That’s the case for one young girl who was a 14-year-old with a job, living away from her parents doing what seemed to make her happy. She was a model and living out her dream of fashion. But, there are reasons most children don’t work and this story is one that highlights the regulations that are in place.

Child labor laws and working conditions are being examined after a young Russian model, who was just 14 years old, reportedly collapsed during a 13-hour long runway show in China as she was preparing to walk the catwalk.

teen model dies

Credit: Facebookl / Remembering Vlada Dzyuba

How does this happen?

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