Viral C-Section Photo Reminds Moms All Over The World How Bad A** You Are!

There are plenty of images of tiny babies being lovingly caressed by their parents. but not many of the scars from which some of those babies came. One photo has gone viral because it shows just that — and reminds us how powerful all kinds of birth experiences are.

Photographer Helen Aller captured an image of a newborn baby resting near his mother’s c-section scar and shared the image on her Facebook page. She never imagined the reaction she would get. The photo has been shared over 62,000 times and “liked” over 200,000 times. Here it is:


#fbstopcensoringmotherhood PLEASE READ: As a photographer I go into every situation to capture the love and strength…

Posted by Helen Carmina Photography on Friday, August 21, 2015

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