Video of Police Officer Confronting Woman Who Left Her Kids in Hot Car Goes Viral

This weekend one of my sons asked me if I would move our two vehicles out of the driveway so he could play basketball. I got my keys and moved them both – a total time in the cars of about 30 – 45 seconds each. It was a hot day and the windows were rolled up but I was just moving the cars so I didn’t bother with air conditioning or rolling the windows down. By the time I moved the second car I was already sweating simply from being in my hot car for less than a minute.

We’ve seen a lot of hot car deaths over the last few years where children have been forgotten in hot cars and died as a result, and we often have a hard time believing how anyone can forget a child in a hot car. But what’s even more hard to understand is how anyone can purposely leave their child in a hot car and then defend their choice.

A video out of Vancouver is now going viral after a police officer is recorded confronting a mother who left her two children in a hot car while she shopped.

officer confronts woman who left kids in hot car
Credit: Global News

This is unbelievable

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