Vicki Gunvalson’s Body Transformation

Vicki Gunvalson is The Orange County Housewives veteran reality star of many years. She is loved, but also disliked for being direct and able to express her real feelings and say things as they are. Vicki gets the pot stirred up and she will question any of the new comers, so be ready for her unfiltered scrutiny. I guess that’s what makes the show fun, real and interesting. But once you get to know her, she is a very caring and super nice person.

That’s what brought her to club Detox. When she found out that Brooks, her boyfriend, was diagnosed with cancer again she put all her efforts into trying to find the best treatment for her man. Both, Vicki and Brooks, quickly realized that health is our most important wealth and that we have to take care of our body to prevent and reverse disease.

That’s why Vicki and Brooks decided to do 21 Day Transformation detox program through club Detox ( The program  is a revolutionary detox protocol designed to bring the body from acidic to alkaline pH, remove irritation and inflammation to establish pure and clean body setting where disease cannot survive. This program incorporates living juices, infrared heat therapy, alkaline living water, meditation and alkaline nutrition.

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Lenka Koloma

Leading health practitioner and lifestyle coach with extensive expertise in detox, toxicology, nutritional science, physiology and science of life. Lenka cured her debilitating chronic disease of 30 years through her revolutionary detox protocol focusing on creating a proper alkaline pH body setting. Lenka's detox program healed many with chronic health issues such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, thyroid disease, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, digestive issues, auto-immune problems, cancer and many other conditions. Lenka is the founder and owner of club Detox with locations in Newport Beach and Laguna Niguel, CA.

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