VI Peel Is Revitalizing; Look What It Did!

VI Peel Is Revitalizing Look What It Did! 

Okay I have a confession to make I have never been one to wash my face every night, use fancy lotions or go for facials monthly. I don’t love makeup and I hardly wear sunscreen ( unless I am going to be in the direct sun at the beach or the pool).  I am a natural red head and have lots and lots of freckles! I have never had acne issues and just get a few black/white heads on my chin and nose area. My skin is medium to dry ( if I don’t drink water).

I just turned 40 and feel like it is time to really be careful. I acknowledge I should have done this years ago!

My friend and beauty expert  Romy Raves introduced me to the Vi Peel and she says it will change my skin.

How do they do this?

Vi Peel

The Vi Peel is rubbed aggressively onto my skin while a fan blows on my face.  You think that your face would be on fire and you’d get a burning sensation – but you don’t!  It does however sting around the eyes a tiny bit but that only lasts for about 1 minute.  When I am done I can hardly tell anything is on my face and have a scent of herbs that is refreshing ( I am very sensitive to smell).

Once you go home they have a simple after care program and my skin literally peels  off for 2-5 days and then I have a glowing face!  My skin feels soft and I can see that it looks different. If you see below the biggest difference I have seen is in my dark spots! IMG_9037

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