Here Are 10 Clever Ways Vaporub Could Improve Your Health

It's not just for colds!

One of the worst things about the winter season is that everyone get sick. My kids are sick and have been rotating colds with each other for months. I don’t feel well because I haven’t had a chance to slow down and rest off this cold that won’t go away. We’re using our weight in tissues and Vaporub to try and ease the discomfort of the sneezes. We have officially started a countdown to when spring is here, and we can air out the house, bleach all the things and put the cold and flu season behind us.

And usually we pack away our Vaporub and hold on for next winter season when we’re going to need it again. But, apparently, there are way more things we could be using Vaporub for that are useful and can improve our health. It’s not just for easing the discomfort of colds and we’re about to change everything because there is so much more we could be doing with this stuff.

If you love Vaporub, here are 10 other uses you can use the stuff for that will improve your health.

1. Heals Cracked Heels

vaporub feet
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In the wintertime when it’s cold out side and you’re neglecting your feet, trying to find the right moisturizer for your heels is hard. But, Vaporub is the perfect solution. Rub it all over your feet, put on some comfortable socks and wake up with soft skin.

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