Valentines Day Makeup Tips

Valentines Day Makeup Tips

I went trick or treating one year. I must have been four or five. I was dressed like a princess (didn’t see that coming, did you). I walked up to the door, rang the bell and waited in anticipation for the shower of candy and praise for a costume well-done. The woman opened her door and gasped.

“Look at you!” she screamed. “You must have stolen those lashes! Those aren’t yours. They’re too long. You stole those!”

I burst into tears. Not only because clearly I was a thief and was busted. But because it didn’t appear that this was going to end with candy. With my long lashes clumped together in big wet messiness, I ran home.

I’ve since grown into those lashes. They aren’t freakishly long anymore. And now that we’re entering the flirty season, I almost wish they were. What good is Valentine’s Day if you can’t toss a come-hither glance to someone through a veil of sexy lashes?

The easy thing to do for long lashes is to grab mascara and glob on four coats. Easy, yes. Attractive, no. Bye-bye spider eyes, and hello faux lashes—the latest quickie spa job for glorious eye-catching attention.


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