Vagina Weightlifting Is A Thing Now – But Don’t Try It!

Ok, this might be taking things a little too far here. Apparently, there’s a new trend in the fitness world and it’s one that sounds more painful than a WOD at a Crossfit box with a few tires strapped to your back. It’s called vagina weightlifting and while there are certain benefits to it, it doesn’t sound tempting enough for me to try it, regardless of how many orgasms it supposedly gives you.

Holistic sex and relationship expert (what?!?) Kim Anami is taking social media by storm by posting photos of herself putting things in between her legs in exotic locations from all over the world. Kim says the practice lets her sometimes orgasm 20 times in a row and that she’s able to lift up to ten pounds with her vagina. Unfortunately for anyone who tries this though, it’s a really, really bad idea (obviously, right?).


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