Vagina Contouring Is Becoming A Trend

vaginal contouring

Is ‘Vontouring’ the latest in hot new beauty trends?   We can’t make this stuff up!

While it might sound like some odd new makeup procedure that’s guaranteed to make you look like a supermodel, it’s actually got nothing to do with your face or makeup and everything to do with your lady parts.

Vontouring, according to Her Magazine, is a procedure that’s been designed to contour your vagina, resulting in not only a prettier labia, but also increased enjoyment in the bedroom!

The medical term for the prodedure is called PROTÉGÉ INTIMA and according to one site “is a medical device designed specifically for non-surgical, non-invasive labia remodelling. The treatment is pain-free and requires no recovery time. It increases the elasticity of the labia majora and minora, stimulates the neural endings in the vaginal opening, visibly rejuvenates the treated area, boosts the production of collagen and elastin, improves sexual satisfaction and increases libido.”

We have had a lot of emails asking where to do this in the USA. We found it in Oregon and will update the list as we get more options for you.

While I’m all for doing things that will increase pleasure in the bedroom, do we really need to be worrying what our labia majora and minora look like?! Honestly, between Brazilian waxes and vajazzling I feel like we need to worry a bit less about what our vaginas look like!

What do you think ladies, would you give ‘Vontouring’ a try?


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