Pregnant Mom Loses Her Husband and Two Children in Horrific Plane Crash

Call me crazy, but one of the reasons why I refuse to go on a trip with just my husband is because I usually have plenty of ‘what if’ scenarios running through my head. What if something happens during our flight? What will happen to our family and our children’s future? That’s why when we travel, I prefer the four of us to always be together on the same flight, unless of course my husband or I have to travel alone for business. That’s the one and only exception. Otherwise, if something does happen, at least I know that we’re together, no matter what the outcome might be.

But for one Utah mother, her life has been flipped upside down after a plane crash that not only took the life of her husband, but her two sweet, precious children as well. And now she has to plan a funeral for not only one family member, but three. My heart absolutely aches for this mother.

plane crash
Credit: Shutterstock/arda savasciogullari

And she just found out last week that she’s pregnant, too.

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