Usher Paid a Woman Hush Money to Keep This Embarrassing Secret From Leaking Out

Growing up, I wasn’t always a huge fan of Usher but I did like this music. And he seemed like a down-to-earth guy from Atlanta who loved his family and his fans. I’ll even say that he’s had quite a few catchy dance songs over the years, too.

While he’s always had a rocky personal life, Usher has always tried to keep his personal business out of the headlines. But unfortunately when you’re one of the biggest pop stars in the celebrity world, that’s not always easy. Usher has been making media headlines this week for allegedly trying to keep a woman quiet with hush money about a potentially embarrassing secret about his health and his sex life. Honestly, this is so bad that we actually feel sorry for him. Here’s what you need to know.

Credit: Shutterstock/ Jamie Lamor Thompson

Usher doesn’t want the world to know about this secret!

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