Science Says Uranus Is Actually A Giant Ball Of Farts

Your kids are going to get a long laugh over this.

Kids love things that are gross. I swear it’s part of childhood to find things like farts and burps funny. That type of potty humor is one of the firsts to develop when your kid is starting their path to learning humor and becoming an adult who knows how to use humor. Things like laughing at the word “balls” or giggling during 2nd grade science when your teacher says “Uranus” is always going to be funny for little kids.

And TBH, it’s still funny for a lot of us grown ups. 

We’ve all got another reason to giggle and laugh it up now thanks to science who is blessing us with a study that adults and kids alike can all laugh about. Apparently, Uranus — the planet we all died laughing about as a child — is even funnier than we all thought.

Researchers discovered that much of the upper atmosphere of Uranus is made up of the chemical hydrogen sulfide. Might not sound like a whole lot of that is funny… but trust.. it’s about as funny as a planet called Uranus can get.

Because hydrogen sulfide is what makes up the rotten egg smell… oh, and farts.

Yes, Uranus is a ball floating in space that’s surrounded by farts.

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Devan McGuinness

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