Unmarried…With Children

By: Brette Sember

The world around us is changing and that is obvious when so many couples are opting not to get married and have children. According to the latest statistics by the U.S. Census Bureau, the trend is on the rise for couples to stay together, but not marry and have children.  In addition, with the increase of same-sex partners having children, both biological and adopting, this can raise all sorts of questions. Some of these need to be answered as soon as the couple decides to bring children into their relationship.

But where to look?

Brette Sember, former family law attorney and mother, offers a wealth of information in her new book Unmarried with Children. She sat down with HMC to give insight on what parents should know about their legal rights when it comes to their children and custody.

Your most recent book “Unmarried with Children” has incredible information. Tell me what was the catalyst for you to write this?

In my former life, I was a family law attorney. The number of unmarried families that go through Family Court is huge. It was clear to me this was a huge section of population that is virtually being ignored by parenting magazines, sites, and self-help books. I wanted to provide some information for these families and let them know they are not ignored.

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