Um, Sorry to Freak You Out But Your Tap Water Is ‘Wildly Contaminated’

There is nothing like a tall glass of ice cold water, especially after a workout session or a hot day.

We have a water cooler at home and buy reverse osmosis water from our local water depot. But we also use tap water to drink as well. Do you have a household drinking water purification system or just drink from the tap?

Well, a recent study is showing something alarming is in our tap water.

We know that alarming levels of plastics have been found in the earth’s oceans, but it might surprise you to know that plastic is also showing up in your own drinking water.

A study led by Orb Media says that tap water in dozens of nations contains extremely high levels of plastic microfibers.The U.S. had the highest contamination rate of all the countries studied, with 94 percent of samples contaminated. The global average is 83 percent. Overall, more than 80 percent of the samples collected from five continents “tested positive for the presence of plastic fibers.”

tap water
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94 percent of U.S. drinking water is contaminated

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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