Ultrasound Pictures Reveal What Happens When Mom Smokes While Pregnant

During my first pregnancy, I was most excited about seeing my first ultrasound of my little bundle of joy growing inside of me. Sure, my daughter didn’t look more than like a tiny little sack, but it was exciting nonetheless. And when I was pregnant with my son, I swore to everyone that I could see my husband’s profile in his ultrasound photo (and I ended up being right as he’s the spitting image of his father these days).

As we know though, our children pick up a lot of our habits and see, do and hear a lot of things in our womb. That’s why so many people can’t get over this ultrasound of a baby that has gone viral this week. The ultrasound shows a baby trying to cover up his face in one of the most heart wrenching photos I’ve seen in a very long time. No child should suffer this way, and especially inside a mother’s womb.

pregnancy smoking
Credit: Shutterstock/pathdoc

If you are pregnant and a smoker, you’ve got to see this!

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