Ugly Clothes Are Making A Comeback, And They’re Not Cheap

People are Paying Top Dollar for Heinous Designer Duds

I guess maybe I just don’t get “high fashion”? I certainly have an appreciation for some of it. I mean, I enjoy watching the coverage from New York Fashion Week as much as the next gal. Some of the pieces are absolutely exquisite! And obviously, very much out of my price range. The closest I’ll ever get to owning a piece of designer clothing is when Target does a collaboration with someone. And even then, I’m usually too slow to be able to snag something online. But for me, there’s a difference between high fashion, and plain old ugly clothes. Again, maybe I just don’t … get it.

I will say though, I find it nearly impossible to “get” what’s fashionable about some of the ugly clothes that are making a comeback. There seems to be a trend in the design world lately, where designers try to out-ugly one another on their quest to have the most talked about article of clothing or accessory.

The really funny thing is people are paying top dollar for some of these things! Thousands of dollars for shoes or plastic capes. Yes, you read that right: PLASTIC CAPES.

I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder…

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