Tyler Baltierra Seeks Therapy After Wife Catelynn Checks In To Therapy For Depression

He is reportedly so worried for his wife

MTV stars Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn Lowell Baltierra have had their friends and fans rooting for them from day one. And they’re still on their team as news reports reveal tyler baltierra seeking therapy now, too.

The couple have been through a lot together, from struggling with the decision to give their first daughter Carly up for adoption to dealing with family drama to finally making it down the aisle and welcoming another daughter together.

Through it all both Tyler and Cate have been one of those rare reality TV couples who seem to truly love each other and always put each other and their needs first, but it hasn’t been easy.

Having to make sure you’re able to support your partner, in whatever health struggle they’re going through, takes a lot of commitment. You have to find a way to pick up their end of the workload, make sure they don’t feel like they’re burdening you, try to fit in your own self-care, all while worried about your loved one—and often your children, too.

Recently Catelynn, who has openly struggled with depression in the past, admitted that she was once again struggling, this time with suicidal thoughts.Thankfully Catelynn realized she needed professional help and along with the support of her husband, immediately left for treatment.

Now reports say that while Tyler is supportive of his wife, he’s also worried about her and seeking his own therapy.

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