Tyler Baltierra Ripped For Being Unaffectionate With Catelynn Amid Cheating Scandal

Just because someone isn’t glued to their partner at all times, does that mean their relationship is going downhill? Not necessarily. But, if you ask Tyler Baltierra’s critics, they’ll tell you it’s a sign that your marriage might be over. In fact, the young reality television star is getting torn apart by online commenters for not being affectionate with his wife Catelynn during their recent vacation to Puerto Rico together.

Sure, Tyler and Catelynn have their issues (who doesn’t?), but one photo of the couple has a lot of people wondering what might be going on in their marriage right now. Did they stop having sex? Do they have trust issues? Are they headed towards a divorce? That’s what fans want to know.

Teen Mom
Credit: Instagram/@tylerbaltierramtv

Could this photo mean that Tyler and Catelynn are over?

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