Tyler Baltierra Defends Himself After Fans Question His Decision To Write About His “Emotional Pain”

The reality TV star was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder

    A few weeks ago, we reported that Tyler Baltierra had been diagnosed as bipolar. The Teen Mom OG star, 26, has been battling with his mental illness struggles for some time. At the same time, his wife Catelynn Lowell has also had her struggles with mental illness and addiction. Catelynn has been in and out of treatment facilities since last fall, when she checked herself into a treatment program after experiencing suicidal thoughts.

    She was released in January, but went back into treatment a short time later to deal with substance abuse issues. Tyler, meanwhile, sought his own help while supporting Cate through all her ups and downs. The couple has a 3-year-old daughter, Nova, who they both say is the inspiration behind them getting the help they need.

    But Tyler has also found another outlet for his pain as he works through his issues. He’s taken to sharing some pretty emotional poetry on his social media accounts. I can definitely see how it helps! Sometimes you just need to get it all out, right? And his sharing his feelings is probably really helpful to his fans, some of whom may be battling their own demons. But some fans think he’s going too far with the emotional posts, and now Tyler is having to defend himself and his decision to heal publicly.

    It’s never OK to tell someone who’s working through some hard times how they should be dealing with them.

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