Two and a Half Men, Did you Watch?

So, to be honest, I had watched Two and A Half Men several times but was not a regular so to speak. Knowing the show and really liking it and the writing, I was extremely curious to see how the writers would make this adjustment and how Ashton Kutcher would pull it off.

The show started with the funeral scene, which I found amusing. I loved how it stayed true to Charlie’s character as a playboy and had constant “input” from an entire room full of his “ex’s” His mother attempting to shut them up while trying to sell Charlie’s house as the Real Estate agent was also very funny. The show moves on as the the cremated ashes arriving at the house accepted by his brother who attempts to throw them into the ocean when Ashton appears at the back sliding door and scares the shit out of John Cryer’s character where he spills all the ashes on the floor. Hence the introduction to Ashton who just tried to commit suicide in the ocean but found it too cold.

Overall, I found the show written extremely well and did find it to have just as many laughs as the original. kudos! I liked Ashton’s character but think further development will make him even funnier. I will continue to watch, will you?  What did you Hot Mom’s think about the first episode with Ashton and no Charlie?

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