If you are the parent of twins – and these day, who isn’t? Seriously, does everyone have twins these days or am I just seeing double? When you have twins, any product that can make your life easier is a welcome relief from strollers to carriers. Here are some of our picks for the cutest, most helpful and most stylish items to get you through the first days, months and years! If you don’t have twins but know someone who does, these make great gifts as  well!

In the stroller department, nothing beats the Valco baby Tri-Mode Twin Stroller: this thing is seriously a Mercedes Benz on three wheels. Besides the posh look, there are many things to love about this stroller.  Like the fact that although it’s side to side seating, it fits comfortably through the doors of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It comes equipped with an adjustable handle, five point harnesses, the seats can recline so you can use it with the youngest of infants. You’ll also get flip out sun shades, so much storage you’d think you had closets, and a zipper airflow system to allow airflow through the entire stroller. This baby is a winner! Valco Baby

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