Turns Out We’ve All Been Carrying Car Seats Wrong This Entire Time

When my children were still wee little things, the part I hated the most about their newborn stage was having to lug a car seat everywhere I went. And it was even tougher when my second child was born because I was dealing with two children in my double stroller at the same time. I almost preferred to carry my baby in my arms just because his car seat was such a huge pain in the you-know-what for me.

Well thankfully, we’ve got a new solution for those parents who are suffering the way I suffered so many years ago. The Bridge Family Chiropractic of Mansfield, Texas, recently posted a video showing parents who to hold a baby in a car seat the RIGHT way to do it. And I’m sitting here thinking… why didn’t anyone show us this before?!?!

baby car seat
Credit: Shutterstock/ Ilya Andriyanov

Here’s the “right” way you should be holding your child’s car seat!

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