Turns Out, There’s No Scientific Evidence That Doing THIS Actually Induces Labor

When we’re at those precious last stages of pregnancy, when our due day is nearing closer and closer, all we can think about is holding our sweet little babe in our arms. Gone are the moments where we’re thinking about our beautiful pregnancy because at this point we have welcomed only the idea of getting this baby out of us and finally putting all those clothes we’ve been buying to good use.

So what do we go? We take to Dr. Google or our midwife or OBGYN and plead for foolproof ways to help get this labor going. For some reason, the idea of sex inducing labor has always been at the top of the list (along with red leaf tea and spicy foods, of course) but now this myth has been debunked.

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Here’s why sex doesn’t actually induce labor (but also what you can do instead)!

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Allison Cooper

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