Trim Pounds With Your Pet

Trim Pounds With Your Pet

By Denise Foley for Completely You

To trim pounds with your pet, read on. Freelance writer Peggy Frezon spends most of her waking hours sitting in front of her computer. And so does her dog, Kelly. While working long hours on deadline, Frezon used to take breaks to eat snacks. “And since Kelly was my little shadow, my lifestyle became her lifestyle,” she says about her 10-year-old daschund-spaniel rescue.

The wakeup call came at a regular checkup at the vet’s. “My vet mentioned that Kelly was a little bit overweight, and she listed all the possible health risks that could occur: diabetes, heart problems, joint problems,” says Frezon. “Suddenly, I made the connection in my head: These are all the same problems my doctor told me I’d be facing at my last visit if I didn’t lose weight. My lifestyle was heading me to all these health issues, and now I was leading Kelly too.”

Today, Frezon is 41 pounds lighter, has lowered her cholesterol and no longer needs to take blood pressure pills. Her secret: a furry diet buddy.

Your Pet: An Exercise Machine on a Leash
Physician and obesity expert Dr. Robert Kushner confirms what Frezon realized: That overweight people with overweight dogs lose weight when they are encouraged to buddy up. His study included a group of overweight owners of obese dogs and a group of overweight people without pets. Turns out that the dog owners walked more frequently than non-owners.

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