Treadmill: Tread N Shred 2; DAY 23

DAY 23: Tread N Shred 2

It's not about being the best. It's about being better than you were yesterday."To get the most out of these workouts, download the BH Trainer Powered by PEAR app to your phone. Find the Hot Mom’s Club featured workout and put in your earbuds so you can be hands-free and completely focused on the real-time audio coaching giving you the ultimate workout experience!

Coach: Nancy Anderson
Type: Run/Toning/Core
Where: Indoor
Equipment: Dumbbells & Treadmill
Difficulty: Easy
Total Duration: 27 Minutes

Description: This challenging intervals workout will leave your heart pumping and your metabolism sky high.  With a healthy dose of hills, sprints, and functional dumbbell movements, this workout will shock your body with high intensity bursts that can be modified for beginner,  intermediate and advanced levels.   This hard hitting program will torch fat while shaping your chest, shoulders, arms and abs leaving you with the sculpted lean physique everyone is after.

Share your workout photos using the #healthyisthenewHOT hashtag to help encourage others into a resolution-redo! Be sure to tag @BHFitnessUSA and Coach @NancyAndersonFit!

Video:  It’s all about proper form! Watch the videos before doing the audio workout so you can learn the correct technique to get the most out of your workout and prevent injury. As you workout listen to your coach to help keep your form from straying or sagging and stay motivated!

To complete Coach Nancy’s “TREAD & SHRED 2” Audio Workout click here.


Natalie Klein

Natalie Klein CEO and Co-Owner started with HMC in 2008, she has an insatiable appetite for celebrities and the world of entertainment. Married to a Hollywood agent, she is always mingling with actors. Natalie, oversees the everyday operations for Hot Moms Club and is currently the Editor In Chief. Natalie was a contributor to MOM and Pregnancy Magazine. Babble and OK! Magazine has been a frequent partner to the events Natalie has helped create. Her work has been featured on the WE Network’s series, ”Platinum Babies.” Natalie was a spokesperson for Gerber and has created hybrid mom and blogger outreach with brands such as American Greetings, POM WONDERFUL, Dreamworks, HASBRO, PLAYSKOOL, Sesame Street, Macys, Shutterfly, Cord Blood Registry, W Residents and the Plaza Hotel. She is on the Friends of Baby Buggy committee, a charitable organization that was founded by Jessica Seinfeld. Natalie has two young children, a son and daughter both under the age of 8, and a Havanese dog named Mookie Wilson.

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