Travis Scott ‘Furious’ Over Rumors That Kylie’s Hot Bodyguard Is Stormi’s Dad

No Disrespect Travis, But Have You SEEN Tim Chung?

    OK, this is actually kind of funny. A couple of weeks ago, people were alerted to the fact that Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard is a DIME. Like, he is a beautiful, beautiful man. Tim Chung has been working for Kylie for a while, but for some reason, no one ever realized how stunning he is! It wasn’t until Stormi was born, and we got the first glimpse of her, that people were like … UM WAIT.

    It’s not just because Tim is hot. He is! Like, shockingly hot. But the reason people are zoned in on it now is because they think Stormi bears an uncanny resemblance to the man charged with keeping her mama safe. I have to say, I don’t really see it! But it’s funny. Unless you’re Travis Scott. Then, not so much.

    Travis Scott, as you may know, is Kylie’s boyfriend and babydaddy. He and Kylie have been dating for a while, and there’s never been any doubt that Stormi was the product of their relationship. Until, that is, the world discovered Tim Chung. Now people are claiming that Tim has to be Stormi’s dad. While Travis allegedly thought the joke was funny at first, he’s not laughing about it anymore.

    Travis Scott is apparently getting sick of people saying Stormi isn’t his daughter.

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