Tranquility Rituals

Tranquility Rituals

How often do you feel peaceful, tranquil, and in the moment?  For most of us the answer is “not very often”.  Our days are filled with busy “to do lists” leaving little “me time”.  Just a few minutes a day of what I call “tranquility rituals” will improve your mood, your connection with your loved ones, and result in getting more done.  Start incorporating a few of these simple “tranquility rituals” and you too will reap the benefits.

*Morning Ritual.  Slow down.  Take 2 extra minutes to put on soothing lotion or jewelry that delights you.  Simple pleasures will boost your mood.

*Working Ritual.  Choose music that inspires you.  Music can help you get more done and relax you all in one.

*Dinner Ritual.  Eat together as a family and share one thing that you enjoyed about your day.  Sharing happy moments creates deeper connection with each other.

*Evening Ritual.  Enjoy a cup of tea while reading a book.  Or light a candle and focus on the flickering light as you take a few deep, cleansing breaths.  A few minutes of “me” time creates more balance and inner calm.

*Bedtime Ritual.  Close your eyes and think about good moments during your day.  Repeat the word “gratitude” several times. Entering your sleep with positive thoughts and gratitude will create a deeper, and peaceful sleep.

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