Toys ‘R’ Us Could Go Out Of Business This Week And Close All U.S. Stores

NOOOOOOO. Goodbye childhood.

When I was a kid, I used to get so excited when we would go to Toys R Us. It would be a very rare trip since there was not a store that close to us growing up. But that’s what made it even more exciting. When we would go, I didn’t even care if I ended up going home with a new toy. For me, it was exciting to walk through the toy aisles and look at everything. The stores seemed larger than life and I was thrilled. It was a big memory of my childhood and that’s what makes this news even sadder.

Last September we heard that Toys R Us was going bankrupt. They announced the stores were not doing well at all and filed for protection. Many parents were sad because like I said, it was such a thing for us, and now the chance to do the same things for our kids was going out the window.

toys r us
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It’s not the same as going to Walmart or ordering a new toy at Amazon. 

It’s the experience and now it looks like the end of the Toys R Us stores is coming to us sooner than any of us were ready for.

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