What To Do If You Have Gift Card Or Baby Registry At Babies R Us Or Toys R Us

They're closing, but what about your $$?

    There has been so much sadness in the news lately when it comes to stores that make us feel nostalgic for easier times. First we heard the news that Toys R Us was going to shut down. Then we heard that Claire’s was done. And we are over here licking our wounds wondering what happened. We won’t be able to take our kids to the giant toy store and say “No, not today” to every toy our kid asks to buy. And as far as Claire’s, where are we supposed to pick up those giant big JoJo Bows? We will find a way.

    But, people have some real concerns over Toys R Us closing.

    Specifically, people are worried about what we’re supposed to do with our Toys R Us Gift cards. Or if we have already filled up our Baby Registry at the store, what does this mean for that?

    toys r us
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    It’s understandable that people are upset and not sure what to do. You might have been saving up for something for your child and put away a little each month with a gift card. Or you just spent so much time putting together your baby registry, had it all perfect… and now what.

    We’ve got all the information and details on what you should do if you’ve got a Toys R Us or Baby’s R Us gift card or baby registry.

Devan McGuinness

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