Tori Spelling Teaches Stella How To Scoot

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took their kids, Liam, 4, and Stella, 3, shopping in Malibu.  While out, they stopped at a toy store and picked up a couple of scooters for the kids and a helmet for Stella.  They each got their own Mini Kick Scooter.  Stella chose one in bright green and Liam picked out an aqua one.  The Mini Kick Scooter is designed to help young children’s balance, coordination and motor-skills.  This is a popular toy for celebrity kids, including Naomi Watts‘ son, Sasha Schreiber Tori helped Stella learn to steer and made sure she stayed safe with a Raskullz Cutie Cat pink helmet.  What a fun family day!

Mink Kick Scooter in Green ($79.99) at
Raskullz Cutie Cat Helmet in Pink ($25.99) at


Stephanie Selarka

Stephanie lives in Del Mar, California with her husband and one-year old son Tage. She has spent a great deal of her life following celebrity gossip through magazines and online blogs. Stephanie is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest kids stuff and loves to share her finds with others.

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