Tori Spelling’s Latest Instagram Reignites Rumors She’s Hurting For Cash

Tori, you OK?

It’s probably not a surprise to hear that I am a was a big Beverly Hills 90201 fan when I was younger. I didn’t watch the earlier episodes but caught the show later on when I was a little older and my parents allowed me to watch. I, of course, caught up on all the episodes and have since seen every single one at least once, some more.

I was totally on Team Brenda and never really liked Kelly – she seemed to be way to entitled for my liking – but Donna was always good. She was like that one who never really got in too much trouble and you always secretly rooted for her to do something bad, but she was always good for one of those “no David we can’t cause I’m still a virgin” talks.

And the show brought the actress into the spotlight: Shannon, Jennie, and of course Tori Spelling.

These ladies were super young when they popped onto our TV screens and we kind of got to grow up together. Now that the shows last episode was forever ago, these three are still in the spotlight for various things. Other projects, health complications, and for Tori, well a lot of her dirty laundry has been aired out.

And the latest social share has people wondering if there are more struggles for Tori.

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Devan McGuinness

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