Tori Spelling Shamed For Shopping At Target Because She’s ‘So Broke’

Seriously? Ugh

There is so much mom shaming in this world it can make anyone fearful for making a mistake. It’s even worse when it’s done in the public eye and a lot of celebrities feel that stress. There are some topics that should not be brought into any conversation that has to do with making fun of a mother working hard for her kids. And Tori Spelling shamed for shopping at Target is one of those things that should not happen.

Raising kids is hard work. It is expensive and there always seems to be some sort of financial woe that we hit. For some people that struggle looks differently for them than others, but money troubles still sucks. And finances isn’t something we should be shaming people about.

It’s not really a secret that Tori Spelling has had some financial trouble. She had a pretty public fight with her mother and we all heard that when her father passed, Tori didn’t get much if any financial support after. Despite growing up with money, when she was on her own.

Well, she’s also been criticized and hit with far more mommy shame than anyone really deserves. The latest hate being spewed her way makes my eyes hurt because I’ve rolled them too far into my head.

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Devan McGuinness

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