Tori Spelling inspired Hello Kitty Party Treats

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Tori Spelling inspired Hello Kitty Party Treats.  Tori Spelling recently celebrated her daughter Stella’s third birthday with a Hello Kitty themed birthday bash.  Tori says Stella is obsessed with Hello Kitty, and who can blame her?   If you are planning a Hello Kitty birthday party for your little princess, we have a fabulous sweet Hello Kitty treat that your guests are sure to love.
 Chocolate Covered Hello Kitty Oreo Pops
To create these cute treats, you will need Oreos, melting chocolate such as Wilton’s Melts, lollipop sticks, sprinkles and Hello Kitty icing decorations.
First, melt your chocolate according to the package directions.
Next, open up each of your Oreos and add a bit of your melted chocolate to the inside of both pieces of your Oreo cookie.  You will than sit your stick in the chocolate and sandwich the cookies back together, and let the chocolate set up.  You can skip the sticks, and just dip the Oreo itself in the chocolate, but the stick will make the chocolate dipping easier, and the sticks make for a super cute presentation.


After the chocolate has set up, you are now ready to dip the entire Oreo into the melted chocolate, sit your Hello Kitty icing decoration on top, add some sprinkles and let sit until dry.  You now have a sweet Hello Kitty treat that is quick and easy to make and is sure to impress your party guests.

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Christi Johnstone is a mom and a baker who loves creating new recipes and finding finding ways to turn simple sweets into oh so special treats. She enjoys following celebrities and finding out what the hottest trends are!! Especially when it comes to celebrity parties, where celebrities are eating and what their favorite treats are. She's passionate about showing others how easy it is to create their own amazing snacks, sweets and party favors at home.

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