Every mom secretly hopes their child’s first word will be a call for their name. Celebrity moms are no different. Tori Spelling’s newborn just spoke her first word and the experience has shaken up the TV star.  In a new blog on her website,

What was your baby’s first word? Can you relate? Tell us your story!!

From Wednesday’s Post: Tori tells us

Miss Hattie hit a big milestone last week when she said her first word. It was bittersweet as she uttered the word, “DADA.”

I’m sure that mamas everywhere can agree that I wouldn’t be human if somewhere inside, beneath the beaming pride I felt about her accomplishment, there wasn’t a little sadness that her first word wasn’t “MAMA.”

Liam is my little man but he came out of my belly with adoring eyes for Dean. He was Daddy’s dude from the jump, so it was no surprise when his first word was “DADA.” He was my first, so while I was a little sad, on the whole I totally got it and was proud.

Stella, on the other hand, is SO me. Her first word was “MAMA,” and her second word was “SHOES”– we were kindred spirits from the start. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do a little dance when Stella first uttered “MAMA,” and used my not-so-inside voice to exclaim, “Yes, I won one!” Was there something wrong with me that I was somehow keeping parental score as judged by my children’s verbiage?

Read More at About Baby Hattie’s First Word And Mommy Tori’s Real-Life Reaction here.



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