Tori Spelling Criticized For Not Including Her Stepson Jack In Her Family Holiday Card

It seems like no matter what Tori Spelling does these days, she’s always getting criticism from someone no matter how hard she tries to make things right. Now, the Hollywood actress is getting slammed left and right for apparently not including her teenage son Jack in her family’s holiday card. While the photo includes Tori and Dean McDermott’s children Liam, Stella, Hattie and Finn, Jack is no where to be seen.

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Some of the comments from her fans and followers included:

I also have a stepson who is older and he wasn’t always available when we were doing cards Bc he lived out of town and it’s hard to get everyone’s schedules to match sometimes. Doesn’t mean she’s horrible or doesn’t love him.

JACK’S mom does not allow him to be seen on any kind of advertisement the family does.

You r missing your stepson who is living in your home now! I never comment, but this is awful!!! How is he going to feel when he see’s or hers about this!!! SHAMEFUL!

Jack isn’t at least listed in the family names????

Where is the older son when my dad sent me Christmas photos with just his need kids. It hurt me really bad.

Jack belongs in a card with his mother. Get over yourselves ppl!

Tell us Hot Moms, what do you think? Should Jack have been included in the family holiday card?

Photo via Tori Spelling/Instagram

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