Fans Are Blasting Tori Spelling for Letting Her 9-Year-Old Wear Lipstick

She gets so much hate.

It’s hard being a parent — even if you’re a celebrity mom — Tori Spelling blasted by fans is proof of this. You have all the pressures to be the perfect mother from everywhere you look. TV tells us how we should act, social media condemns anyone who dares to show what honest parenting looks like. And of course, since there’s no perfect handbook for now to navigate raising little ones, there will always be some contention.

There’s no one-rule-fits-all for raising kids. What might be great for one family could be a total NOPE for the next. Which, of course, is OK and expected. We don’t want everyone in the world to be exactly the same, but it’s important to not be so quick to call out those that are doing it their own way.

Some parents put focus on making sure their kids get every and any experience they can. Others are more chill about what they spend their time doing. Some have strict rules in terms of what they’re comfortable with their children wearing while they’re still little. While other parents have more relaxed rules and encourage their children do do their own thing, within relative reason.

I personally think this is a good idea to encourage kids to express themselves, especially through fashion, but by what Tori Spelling was just called out for on social media, something tells me not everyone feels that way.

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Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness is the Managing Editor of Moms and she's has an odd obsession with useless movie and TV trivia. She's one of the weird ones that reads IMDb trivia instead of watching the movie. When she's not at work you can hear her answering the question "why" twenty-billion times thanks to her four kids. Got something to say? Send me an email at

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