Tori Spelling’s Family Picture Fuels Baby Rumors And More Controversy

This mama just can't win

There are some celebrities who seem to just be the punching bag no matter what they do. People will always look at what they post or what news cycles are saying about the star and lay into them. Nothing they do is good enough and even the happy news is twisted to have a negative spin. Unfortunately, 90210-alum Tori Spelling is one of those celebrities.

She has never really been the favorite on the hit-teen show and people speculated she was only on the show because her father is who he is. Since then, Tori Spelling can’t seem to win and it’s only gotten more exaggerated as she’s gotten older.

The reality TV star has remained in the spotlight both from her own personal struggles, her feud with her mother after her father died. Her husband has some controversy on his own from his previous marriage. And well, people just love to pick apart anything this mama does.

And this week doesn’t seem to be any different. Tori Spelling posted a photo of her and her family all doing something many families do at the holidays. It didn’t seem to matter that there wasn’t a whole lot going on it int.

People found fault. They called her out on it on social media. And that has to suck.

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Devan McGuinness

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