Here Are the Top Rated Amusement Parks for Families to Visit This Summer

School’s out for summer! Well, almost anyway. My kids still have to go tomorrow, which is good because I haven’t bought one teacher gift yet!

If you’re eagerly anticipating the summer and wanting to take your kids on a super fun adventure trip to someplace exciting and fun, but you’re over Disney and you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, look no further.

If you’ve been trying to plan something fun for the family this summer, the website Family Vacation Critic has a list of the best amusement parks across the US you must visit. The best part is, the list is ideal for those of you who have thrill seekers in the family and those who like to stick to the kiddie rides too.

best amusement parks
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If you’re looking to make good memories with your kids this summer, here’s where it’s at:

So Much To Do!

Hershey Park
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Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is first on the list with the site pointing out it’s one of the largest parks in the world, not to mention that it’s just expanded it’s 38 acre water park.

It also boasts four different areas for kids as well two Family Care Centers that offers nursing and changing areas.

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Dollywood in Tennessee also made the list thanks in part to the new 230-foot Drop Line that gives visitors views of Dollywood’s Timber Canyon. Dollywood also features rides for little ones, lots of shows to keep them entertained and amenities for parents with little ones.

hershey park
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Hershey Park in Hershey, PA made the list thanks to having the first looping roller coaster on the east coast as well as being incredibly kid friendly, which I can attest to because I’ve brought my kids here!

Plus, the entire park is chocolate themed and is centered around Chocolate World. What could be better than that?

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