Top Tips for “Greening Up” Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

Top Tips for “Greening Up” Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

By: Randi Ragan

Whirling dervishes we mothers are:  at any one time juggling dozens of things on our to do list, staying on top of everyone’s schedules, keeping the household running, squeezing in exercise time, a few hours sleep – and oh yeah, doing what we have to do to bring in a paycheck.  So when it comes time to pull together the details our children’s birthday parties, most of the time, we take the path of what’s super time-saving and convenient.  But by ramming our shopping carts through the crowds at the big box stores or discount warehouses, and scooping cheap stuff off the shelves, can add up to a mountain of leftover garbage that we quickly toss into the nearest trash can.   With just a little foresight and awareness, we can see how important our individual acts of conscious planning can add up to a very big contribution in Earth saving action.  One party that you try to do differently, can ingrain habits that you can easily tap into for the next party – and before long, you’ve made a lifestyle change for your whole family, year in and year out – birthday to birthday.

Here a few simple, easy ways to get started:

For the invitations:
•    Go paperless:  use online services such as Evite.
•    Try purchasing invitations on 100% recycled paper printed with nontoxic ink

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