Top 5 Reasons I Never Wanted To Have A Tummy Tuck – But, I Am So Glad I Asked These Questions

There are many myths about getting a tummy tuck and many questions both women and men have, but are afraid to ask… or even afraid to even think about!

There is often a stigma that goes along with plastic surgery. People gossip that women (and men) who get plastic surgery are weak, superficial and people who have no self-control. Well that is simply not true! We sat down with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Brenner to help answer some of the most common questions.  A tummy tuck may not be the right decision for every mom, but no matter what you decide in the end, be informed!


I don’t need surgery. I just need to eat better and work out more…

Working out and eating better is always suggested in living a healthy life, right? But, at what point do you need help? At one point do you say, I may not be able to do this on my own and I need help?    

When asked, Dr. Brenner said most of his patients live a very active and healthy lifestyle; however, once a person develops a significant diastasis (a technical term for the separation of the abdominal muscles) it is extremely difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to correct it on your own.

So what exactly is Diastasis Recti? 

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