Tommy Lee ‘Knocked Out Cold’ After His Son Hit Him For Tweets About Ex Pamela Anderson

Don't hate on a boy's mama!

It has to be hard when your parents are no longer together. The time before the divorce likely was not the greatest, too. Because let’s be honest, people who are happy and in love rarely get divorced. Sometimes even the most well-intentioned parents who are ending their marriage have some of the drama spill on to their kids. That is even more likely if you’re celebrity parents because the publicity of it all and social media makes it easier to air the laundry. And that’s true for Tommy Lee and his ex-wife Pamela Anderson. The two share two kids, who are both now adults, and even though it’s been a while since their breakup, the dirty laundry is still being shown to the masses,

According to TMZ, Tommy Lee, who married Baywatch star Pamela Anderson back in 1995 before getting divorced twice and breaking up for good, is in the middle of some public drama. Allegedly, Tommy Lee wrote some tweets about Pamela Anderson, taking some jabs at her. And this is apparently what caused an issue between Tommy Lee and his oldest son 21-year-old Brandon, whom he shares with Pamela.

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We all know it’s not the best idea to talk negatively about your kid’s parent, even if they’re a challenge. It never ends well when kids are involved and in this case, it led to Brandon allegedly hitting his dad, Tommy Lee.

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