Video Of An Infant Getting A Tattoo Sparks Outrage On Facebook

Disturbing footage ahead.

Tattoo drama: a new video of an infant getting a tattoo is sparking outrage on Facebook. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone thought it would be a good idea to put ink on a baby for goodness sake.

Now, I didn’t get my first tattoo until my college years and now that I’m much older and a mom, I regret it. Why? Because they don’t look as “cool” as they used to, or at least as cool as I thought they looked when I got them a few decades ago. Ink is forever (or until you come up with enough cash to get them lasered off). Plus, people change. Trends change. And even tattoo designs change. What might look good right now might end up looking pretty hideous in a few year’s time.

But would you ever put ink on a newborn child? I mean, babies have some of the softest and purest skin in the world. And not to mention how painful and uncomfortable tattoos are, too. Adults have a hard time getting them so I couldn’t imagine how this would feel on a baby! Here’s what happened. Let me just warn you that this story is very disturbing.

This mother gave her baby a tattoo!

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