This Mom Is Warning Other Parents After A Button Battery Injured Her Son

The Small Lithium Cell Battery Caused Extensive Damage

    It’s kind of amazing, the sheer number of ways kids can harm themselves. It’s like they have some kind of radar that hones in on the one thing you missed when cleaning or didn’t even know existed! While most of the time, a toddler finding something on the floor and putting it in their mouth ends in a simple admonishment from mom or dad, other times the result is much more severe. A mom named Marisa Soto is sharing her story, after her toddler son found a button battery and swallowed it. He didn’t choke, but the battery caused such extensive injuries that he had to be intubated for over two months.

    Button batteries are little round lithium cell batteries. They’re used in all sorts of electronics and gadgets, like watches, flashlights, and even kid’s toys. They’re also very small. The biggest one I’ve ever seen was about the size of a quarter, but most are roughly the size of an M&M candy. In other words, they’re pretty much toddler and kid magnets. Marisa’s son Cameron found one when he was playing with his toys, and unbeknownst to Marisa, he swallowed it.

    But little Cameron didn’t choke on the battery. The damage was much worse.

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